At Saga Bear, we know that our clients and their staff can get extremely busy throughout their day to day operations of their business. That's why we offer full service maintenance, for everything from photo and text changes, to design and structural changes. For example, we can be hired to redesign your website for the holiday season.  

Our Rates: 


We also offer other services like:

* 1 on 1 Shopify Basics walk through so you can learn how to grow your sales and navigate the platform. (We will hop on a call and I will take you through and give you a tour of Shopify and also give you insider tips on how you can maximize the platform to your advantage)

* Graphic design services 

* Ad campaign brainstorming and development (I will help you come up with great ad ideas prone to convert amongst your target market and get you a lot of clicks to your website) 

And the BEST part is they are all priced at  USD24.99/Hour