Our Clients

Our typical client is a business, brand, or person that owns or is a small- mid size business , looking to aggressively revamp their digital presence across all channels.

Depending on our clients needs & wants, website design and branding costs can range from $200-$800+ (this variable also depends on how many labour hours are put into each project). I am happy to work on an hourly basis or on a project basis. I can provide an exact quote and timeframe for the project once I understanding the idea and what needs to be done.

Due to the fact that we are a new brand penetrating the web design market, we have decided to offer affordable prices in order to grow our portfolio of brands and offer a lower barrier to entry for smaller sized businesses.

At Saga Bear, we pride ourselves in our ability to flawlessly brand and build stunning websites within the beauty industry. However, we do create websites from all categories & industries.

WEBSITE Creation

The average time to completion for most of our sites is about 1-2 weeks. Often times, we’re even quicker than that! Depending on the client’s ability to provide us with timely feedback and approvals to advance within design stages.

After the initial conversation, I will draw out clear milestones for the project. At the very least, it will include the following five steps:

a) designing the screens so that you get the look at feel you want,

b) putting together a prototype so that you know the website works the way you want it to,

c) developing the front-end of the website (what you see),

d) developing the back end of the site (if there user accounts or if information is stored and manipulated in any way)

e) launching the application, setting up a server and transferring everything over to you I will check in with you at each stage and you have to option to get as involved as you would like.

We believe that in business, you must always adapt & stay up to date with trends. For these reasons, our most popular website designs revolve around what is trending at the present moment (modern designs).



We offer full service maintenance, for everything from photo and text changes, to design and structural changes. For example, we can redesign your website for the holiday season.  

Depending on the size and time needed for the websites maintenance. We usually charge around USD$24.99/hour


Unfortunately, we do not offer payment terms under any circumstances, for any of the packages we offer. We do offer the option to Pay online by credit card, and to finance the project that way. 100% of the project’s balance is due upfront.